Online classes and training

If you would like the chance to train with a friend or your partner and benefit from more attention, then Couples Training is for you.

Or you might prefer the chance to benefit from individual attention with one to one training.

By using Zoom I bring exercise training to you in your own home, with programmes specifically designed to work without the use of equipment. However, if you do have exercise equipment at home that you would like to use, a suitable programme can found for you. Programmes are also designed without the need for a lot of space, so that you can achieve an effective workout. All you will need is a laptop or equivalent device.

I also provide online fitness classes!

🎶 With Online Classes you get to

Choose your own music! 🎶

Due to legal restrictions I am prevented from

playing chart music for online classes and am limited to royalty free music only. It is for this reason that I have made the decision to allow you to choose your own music.

At the beginning of the class I will ask everyone to turn their microphones off but keep their speakers on (so you can hear me but I can’t hear you). This way you will be able to play whatever

music you like! 🎶

V Blast Beginner Plus

An interval training programme without the high intensity, for maximum calorie burn with options for most activities making it suitable for advanced and beginners alike. An extended stretch section will aid recovery so that you will not ache so much after exercise, and bodyweight exercises will tone and define your muscles giving you a leaner shape as well as a stronger and fitter body. All you will need is an exercise mat and your favourite music!

V Blast Beginner Plus classes run every Tuesday evening at 6pm

and when face to face venues are unavailable.

While covid cases are high I am temporarily running extra online classes in place of face to face classes. These extra online classes are running on-

Monday 8pm

Wednesday 8pm

Thursday 7pm

Unlike face to face classes or fitness training you do not need to live in my area to access them- they are available to anyone living in the UK.

Participation is subject to medical clearance forms, these forms can be found on the website.

For further information and to book classes online please go to-

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