All equipment is provided for participants to use during the class. Kettlebells and other equipment are available for purchase on request. All new class participants will receive a welcome pack, which details the booking system and the Wix app, invites you to join the Whats App group and runs through some health and safety guidance.

There may be times when classes have to be cancelled due to unavailability of the venue or for my annual leave. These changes will be stated on the class pages and adequate notice will be given.


Kettlercise is designed for rapid fat loss and a lean toned body.

 It is an exercise to music class which utilises kettlebells, allowing participants to work on muscle strength endurance as well as giving them an effective cardiovascular workout.


  It is effective for fat burning as it uses the Blood Shunt method that is designed to reshape and sculpt your body, working every major muscle group to give a complete body workout. Kettlebells start from 2kg in weight: the level of training will be affected by the size of the kettlebell chosen. It destroys the myth that only large weights get results.

   Alternatives and adaptations are provided during the class to cater for beginners and advanced participants alike.

Due to the nature of some of the exercises, i.e. kettlebells connecting with the wrist, to avoid breakage or damage watches, bracelets and fitness trackers cannot be worn during the class.  

Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear, i.e. trainers or running shoes.

Class duration 50 minutes.

Runner & Shadow


Single class price - £6.50

Class Pack

If you would like to pay in advance for classes you can- if you pay £63 you will get £71.50 worth of classes (11 classes in total).  

Pay as you go stamp cards are also available.

For every paid face to face class you can request a stamp - when you have 10 stamps receive a free class (this does not apply to classes paid for in advance). 

You only pay for the classes that you attend. I do not insist that you book and pay for a block of classes that have to be used every week, classes which are lost if you are unable to attend. 

There is no time limit set to the class pack: once you have paid for your classes you are free to take them whenever you wish.


My name is Rosie

After fighting a battle with my weight, I set up

RW Fitness Coaching in 2019 out of a strong desire to help others to achieve their fitness goals and to improve their health and wellbeing. Now I travel around in my van, providing fitness coaching to the Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset.




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Gym Equipments

Kettlercise is not suitable for under 16's and those who are pregnant.


Before I can begin to train you there is some essential paperwork which I am legally required to ask you to complete- this includes a medical questionnaire to ascertain your state of your health and if the prescribed activity would be suitable for you.

I bring paper copies to all face to face classes for new participants to fill out; however, if the first class you attend with me is online, you will need to download the forms, complete them and then send them back to me. 
Please allow 12 hours for me to review all paperwork.

In some cases a doctor's note may be required before a person can participate. 

For safety and legal reasons, if you have not attended a class in the last 3 months you will need to re-submit your forms. All participants will be asked to fill out their forms once a year.

For more information and to download the forms please click the button below.


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All classes are conducted while strictly adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines.

For details on this and other health and safety procedures, please click the button below to go to the health and safety page.

For details of class times, locations, prices, bookings and payments please click on the relevant buttons below.

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