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A small and independent business that provides exercise coaching to the

Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset.

Based in Wells,  Somerset, United Kingdom.

Tel : 07745 991444

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Between the 1st June and 1st September all Kettlercise classes will take place outdoors on the playing field at Draycott BS27 3UE. 

Further details can be found on the class timetable page.


Member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.


Member of Lift the Bar 

Career development and support for Personal Trainers.


Registered with the National Register of Personal Trainers.

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Rosie is a considerate and motivational fitness trainer. The COVID precautions and control measures were spot on and the class was challenging and fun. Rosie kept an eye on our technique and guided us where necessary.


 Rosie is enthusiastic, warm and friendly. The sessions are fun/ tough but really enjoyable. Rosie is also very patient.

I have just completed my first PS session online. I didn't think it was possible as my home is tiny, but you really don't need much space. I highly recommend Rosie for personal training . I thought her Kettlercise was enjoyable but this was another level. 

Athlete Sweating

We have a lot of fun at Rosie's fitness sessions, Rosie has set us fun and exciting challenges. Her enthusiasm for life and her encouragement of others is amazing.

Rosie is welcoming and friendly, and really enthusiastic about helping people with their fitness. She's really good at leading you through the exercise routines and can always guide you to an alternative if the main exercise isn't suitable for any reason. Sessions are hard but good fun.

I have been taking part in Rosie’s fitness classes twice a week and have really enjoyed myself while having a good workout and I feel a real sense of achievement when I have finished.  Rosie is very cheerful and helpful during the classes and, if I find something too challenging, will offer me easier alternatives.

I didn't think I would be one for organised sessions, but I have definitely got the bug. I now go to Rosie's sessions twice a week. The differences the workout is making are so positive, and it's not just physical improvement.  Plus we have a laugh!

Woman Running


Hi, my name is Rosie.


When I set up RW Fitness Coaching I was keen to provide a flexible approach to fitness. I understand that we all have busy lives and that for some it is hard to commit to a fitness class every week. It is for that reason that I do not insist that you book and pay for a block of classes that have to be used every week, classes which are lost if you are unable to attend.

I am happy for you to pay for your fitness classes individually and, although I do offer the option of paying for a block (at a discounted price), you are free to take them whenever you wish.

I have the same philosophy when it comes to 1-2-1 and couples training. You are welcome to pay for your sessions individually or purchase a price package, although for maximum results regular training sessions are recommended.

For almost all of my life I have struggled with my weight- I went on my first diet at the age of fourteen, lost some weight and then put it all back on with a bit more.  A pattern then developed, a cycle of losing then putting on more weight.  So I would give up, decide it was pointless and that I was always going to be a certain way.  

It was only when I changed my perception I started to see it as a life change and not a quick fix.  I got into fitness and discovered a great love for exercise and running.  I was once the kid who couldn't make it round the 800 metres on school sports day; now I take part in Marathons. Once I had lost the weight and found a love of fitness I had a desire to help others to achieve their goals, to help them become fitter and healthier. Now I travel around in my van, providing the Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset with mobile fitness coaching.


My focus

I'm here to improve your quality of life, your health and fitness and your wellbeing. I aim to build positive relationships with my clients to aid their fitness journey. It's not just about getting you to run around a field or encouraging you to perform squats or burpees, it's about building your confidence and raising your self-esteem. I aim to make you believe that you can achieve your goals because I already know that you can!

Training types

I adopt a variety of training styles including interval training, kettlebell training, circuit training, balance and flexibility training, combat, cardio and resistance training.  

Who do I train?

I train people of all ages and body sizes, and work with people who have a variety of fitness goals, from those who want to improve their fitness to those who are training towards a Marathon or Triathlon. If you want to work out, I want to train you! I cater for all levels of fitness and ability: I remember all too well how it feels to walk into a room full of athletic people and to feel intimidated.

 As member of -

CIMSPAR - The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical activity.

Lift the Bar - Career development and support for Personal Trainers.

I am able to access a wide range of industry advice and guidance, as well as career development courses. In addition to this my membership to Lift the Bar allows me to grant my Personal Training clients exclusive access to

Session X - online yoga, pilates and meditation. 

I am devoted to my ongoing development in the fitness industry by continuously searching out training courses and gaining new qualifications.

I currently hold

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Gym Based Exercise.

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Exercise to Music.

Level 2 Award in Adapting Fitness Instruction for Adolescents.

Certified Kettlercise Instructor Certificate.

YMCA Fitness Training Certificate in Padwork for Small Groups.

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work.

Level 3 Award in Supporting

 Pre and Postnatal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition.

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Practitioner). 

I have also completed the following courses  

Preventing Covid-19.

Mental health awareness for physical activity and sport

and I have a DBS Certificate. 

I am committed to raising awareness for mental health and fundraising for the mental health charity Mind.  Further details of fundraising activities can be found on the fundraising page. 


It is my aim to expand the business and offer more services in the near future.

I understand the struggle, I've lived through it and now I help others to achieve their fitness goals.


If you feel that you would like help from a coach who understands, then I would love to welcome you to the world of fitness.


Check out my before and after photos. 

Rosie Webb 

Founder of

RW Fitness Coaching

Portrait of a Senior Man


All participants will be asked to provide contact details, fill out an Informed Consent form, sign a Privacy Agreement and fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).

The PAR-Q is to ascertain the health and fitness of the participant and their suitability to the planned activity/ programme. 

The Informed Consent form is an agreement signed by the participant to say that all benefits and possible risks are accepted and understood.

The above paperwork is essential to your participation in all fitness activities.

These forms need to be filled out by all participants before training can commence and the paperwork needs to be redone annually and after a break of three months or more. 

There is to be one set of paperwork per person and no sharing of forms.


You can download the forms here and hand the hard copies to me, or you can email me the completed forms. I also keep paper copies which I can provide for you to fill out before your class or training session.

If you wish to email the forms to me please do so 12 hours before your first planned training activity.

Please read the information below before completing these forms.





Participant details information and consent
I will require your contact details, emergency contact details and for you to sign to confirm that you have read and understand the information provided in this document. I will also require you to sign to say that you have read and agree with the Privacy Policy.

(Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.
If you answer no to all of the 7 questions on page 1 of the PAR-Q+ all you will need to do is sign the participant declaration on the first page, then turn over to page 4 and sign the the second participant declaration. You will then be ready to train with me and will not need to seek any further medical advice.
If you answer yes to any of the seven questions on page 1 you will still need to sign the participant declaration on page 1, but you will also need to answer the questions on pages 2 and 3. If you answer no to the further questions on pages 2 and 3 you will be ready to train with me and will not need to seek any further medical advice.
However, if you do answer yes to any of the questions on pages 2 and 3 we will need to complete a ePARMED-X form, which, depending on the answers that you have given, will either give us information on how you can train safely and anything you should avoid, or it will state that you need a medical clearance letter from a doctor before I can legally train you as a class participant or a client. 


All paper files are kept in a locked container and all computer files are password protected.

This is in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.


I am registered with

the Information Commissioner's Office.

For further details of my privacy policy please click the button to go to the

privacy policy page.